11 Sep. 2007

The Earth was created about 4.6 billion years ago, and mankind was born 5million years ago. After tens of thousands of years, the world has developed amazingly.

Then, following the end of the cold war and the world wars, and development of Information Technology, the world has shrunk rapidly.

However, it is also true that problems arise from differences in national power, race, culture, religion and so on.

 As seen from the Universal history of 10 billion years or more, mankind’s history is miniscule.  Despite this, until now there have been many wars and disputes brought about by human foolishness, as well as damage to the Earth’s environment.  Perhaps this has been necessary for mankind’s evolution.

 Nevertheless, we, who are shaping the future and the global viewpoint of mankind must consider the viewpoint and the hearts of our companions, and recognize the importance of kindness towards nature.

We should have respect for each culture and environment while simultaneously learning from and experiencing interchange with many cultures and races.  We should also strive for the improvement and mutual understanding of the international viewpoint, and adopt a way of thinking which is not restricted by individuals or countries.

I hope mankind can live together from global point of view. 

 Takashi Suzuki

Copyright(c)2007 by all rights reserved.